Project Challenge Level: 1

Drawing/Pastel: Flower

Bring the dimensions of a flower found in nature to your drawing by making use of contrasting light and dark pastel tones. The end result will take your breath away!

In this instructional video, Katie walks you through the important steps of breaking down your drawing into shapes first, adding shadows and contrast with pastel tones, how to blend, and properly add highlights to create depth for a realistic flower that jumps off your page.

Topics covered:

  • Set up proper proportions and placement
  • Break down drawing into shapes to help simplify the drawing process
  • Layering, blending, and contrasting colors to create depth and realism
  • Adding in shadows, highlights, and details to bring the flower to life

Your Instructor

Katie Hemphill

Katie connects with her students in a way that allows them to express themselves freely as creative and confident individuals. Her goal is to guide each and every student through their artistic journey to unleash their own creative spirit.

While running an art studio for over 10 years, Katie has helped many students find their own individual self-expression. Studio H was started as a gathering place for learning the fine arts. It is not just about the art, as individuals will grow on their journey and come to learn more about themselves. Katie’s teaching is now available as online video lessons so that you can take your artistic journey from anywhere.

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Drawing/Pastel: Flower

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