Project Challenge Level: 2

Sketching/Pencil: Still Life, Carrot

What is a Still Life?

A still life is an artistic reproduction of objects sitting still in life with a light source to allow a shadow to be cast and a highlight to shine.

Improve your sketching skills by incorporating easy shading techniques that bring your drawing to life by making it appear three-dimensional. 

In this instructional video, Katie demonstrates a still life pencil drawing of a carrot and shows you how to construct the basic geometric shapes, place and refine the horizon line, and add depth using a wide range of shading methods.

Topics covered:

  • Breaking down to shapes to simplify and organize with proportions and placement
  • Interpret color into gray tones
  • Add depth using shadows, highlights and blending techniques
  • Utilize different lead hardnesses and tools to create contrasting tones
  • Blending techniques using blending tools
  • Kneaded eraser lifting techniques to create highlights
Your Instructor

Katie Hemphill

Katie connects with her students in a way that allows them to express themselves freely as creative and confident individuals. Her goal is to guide each and every student through their artistic journey to unleash their own creative spirit.

While running an art studio for over 10 years, Katie has helped many students find their own individual self-expression. Studio H was started as a gathering place for learning the fine arts. It is not just about the art, as individuals will grow on their journey and come to learn more about themselves. Katie’s teaching is now available as online video lessons so that you can take your artistic journey from anywhere.

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Sketching/Pencil: Still Life, Carrot

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